Cleaning Guns for the Summer Big Game Hunt

Cleaning Guns for the Summer Big Game Hunt

This weekend we sat down with Frank from Gun Cleaning HQ to prepare for our summer deer hunting trip. Every year we usually go hunting in Colorado for a week long adventure into the wild. This has been somewhat of a family tradition for a few decades and we like to keep the tradition alive.

What Frank talked about with us is the importance of keeping your gun clean. I learned a lot from him and wanted to thank him for the wealth of knowledge he brought to the table. When you’re out in the woods your gun can get dirty pretty easily. We learned how to prevent your gun from getting damaged from the weather and how to keep it clean.

I really wanted to upgrade my gun cleaning kit to a more modern one and there are so many out there to choose from. If you have several guns then you want a gun cleaning kit that will work for all your guns. I was surprised to find out that a good kit only costs about $20, so that was fine by me. If anyone else reading this is a hunter then they know that keeping your gun clean is very very important. Some of my guns are pretty darn old and need a really good clean a couple times a year. If you don’t clean them then they can end up rusting and we don’t want that!

The first thing you always want to do when cleaning your gun is making sure there’s no ammo in it. You should never really keep ammo in your gun ever if it’s store as that can cause condensation to build up. The second thing I learned is to keep all your ammo in another room. This prevents the possibility of accidentally exploding your home from a misfire.

The importance of using gun cleaning solvent sprays is also a big one. You need to keep your gun oiled and slick all the time. The protector can help moisture from happening inside your gun which will save you from the misery of having
to replace your gun. For the longest time, I was using the Hoppe’s CLP thinking that’s all I needed but I just learned that it’s only a bore cleaner. You should also be using a lubricator and protector, so I’m an idiot. I bought the Hoppe’s lubricator and protector and now I should be good to go.

The biggest thing I learned is how carbon buildup inside your gun can cause the  bullet to fire with a slightly different angle. When the carbon builds up from firing it will hit the bullet coming out of the barrel and your bullet won’t fire where you want it to go. The further your target is, the more off your aim will be. It only takes about a minute to use a good bore snake with your CLP and then you’re good to go. It’s a good idea to do this after ever time you fire your gun.

Using something as simple as bore snake kit can save you hours of time. Cleaning your gun with a cleaning rod and brushes takes quite a while. If you’re hunting you don’t anything better to do then to make sure that your gun is working properly, so you might as well do that. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on all your hunting gear and lodge, only to have your gun misfire because it’s dirty.

Here is Frank teaching me how to use a gun vise and hold the rifle in place before cleaning it. If you have a rifle or shotgun it can be a bit difficult to hold it still while cleaning it. That’s why a  gun vise is a very good idea. You can see the universal gun cleaning kit that I’m using here which has pretty much everything.

Here’s our Colorado lodge we stay at. Usually the first month of June or July we go out there for the week or two with the kids. It was given to us by my grandfather and he would go up there in the middle of nowhere for months at a time. I do have to admit that the peace and tranquility are something that’s hard to find elsewhere.

The best part of staying out here is the lack of internet. I’m posting this before going because I’m sure I won’t want to go on the computer when I get back, like usual. For anyone that hasn’t gone and stayed for the week in a hunting lodge I would highly recommend it. Even if you don’t like to hunt the weather and the environment this time of the year is something that can’t be explained.