Behind the Scenes: Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen

Behind the Scenes: Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen

We recently payed a visit to Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen to see how real Italian Pizza is made. They have an amazing gluten-free menu, however we also discovered a secret item that’s not listed on their menu. $5 take home gluten-free dough balls. Do yourself a favor and next time you’re driving past a Picazzo’s, stop in and order 2 gluten-free dough balls. We recommend throwing one in the freezer for next week and one to bake tonight.

Picazzo’s Gluten-Free Crust is made with rice flour, tapioca flour, olive oil, organic eggs, salt, organic sugar, and xanthan gum.

Seem easy enough…but some things are easier to buy, take and make at home.

Cooking Directions:
They recommend you preheat the oven to 550 degrees and cook for 7 mins. (up to 10 mins)
*Please keep an eye on the crust from 6-8 mins to make sure it doesn’t burn. 550 is HOT

The dough is in olive oil and very “wet” and can be kind of hard to spread out.
We use a Pizza Stone and sprinkle it with Organic Brown Rice Flour. This helps to spread out the dough. You will also want to sprinkle the rice flour on the dough so it won’t stick to your fingers. Even though the dough is technically for a medium pizza we are able to pat the dough out all the way to the edge of the pizza stone to make a large thin crust pizza. YUM!

As for sauce we like Enrico’s Pizza Sauce which is less acidic and naturally gluten-free.

Toppings are up to you! Get creative.

We picked green peppers, mushrooms (which we sauteed first), crispy bacon (many are GF), Peperoni, etc. Sometimes we opt for prosciutto, artichoke hearts, basil or spinach.

When it comes to cheese this is where we and many also have to be careful. We can’t have most all dairy products but the only cheeses we can tolerate are goat and feta. Goat is too strong for many so you may want to opt for feta. My mom was in town visiting and she is also GF & dairy-free (except for feta & goat) and she really likes Rice Shreds – Cheddar flavor. So we added them to the pizza and I gotta tell you “rice cheese” is pretty good and it even got all melty like it should.

We have made this pizza for our friends many many times who were not gluten-free and they simply loved the thin crust and how light they felt after they ate a few slices …”light” but full.

Give it a try! You and your family will thank you. And don’t shy off of turning the oven to 550 and fast cooking….this is how they do it at the restaurants. If you don’t live near a Picazzos perhaps find a local restaurant that serves a GF pizza and ask if they will sell you their dough balls. Hey you won’t know unless you ask. And you can always give the various Gluten-Free Pizza Dough mixes that are on the market a try.

Just because you are now gluten-free doesn’t mean you have to go without a good pizza pie. Please leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite toppings are. Also tweet us a photo. As for the German Summer Salad in the picture we will post the recipe for that in the next post. I remember the homemade salad dressing my grandfather used to make. I recently remembered it and it brought back so many good childhood memories.