Behind the Food: Inspired Toffees With A Sweet Twist

Behind the Food: Inspired Toffees With A Sweet Twist

“Sugar Ah, honey, honey….you are my candy gals and you got me wanting you!”

We had the pleasure of going behind the scenes at our favorite neighborhood toffee sweet shop for a sneak peek in the Goodytwos Toffee Company. Our goody mission was to film the first of many short food documentaries for our exciting & mouthwatering “Behind the Food” series. Not only do we want to capture the love, joy and passion of these gifted local foodcrafter’s but tell the story behind their food. Because everyone has a story that is waiting to be told & shared with the world. Besides good food should be shared! We are passionate about answering the age old question “What drives you?” and “Why do you love what you do?” We hope you enjoy the video series as much as we loved capturing it on film! After shining the spotlight and camera’s on these local food artisans our desire is that you will come to connect with them in a personal way, as part of your family, and gain a higher respect for their craft. As well as be more wholeheartedly eager to support and spread the word about their delicious endeavors. Because like we always say “Life is to short to eat bad food!”

Meet Donna Gabrilson and Stacey Barnes, the adorable mother & daughter toffee duo located in Scottsdale, AZ. Their mission is to spread toffee sweetness around the world one crunchy bite at a time. We got a candid snapshot of the Goodytwos gals in action as they measured, poured, stirred and told us about the passion behind their sweet, crunchy and goodylicious toffee made with love. This down to earth, doubly inspired toffee duo did not disappointment. We had the lucky fortune of whipping up & tasting a batch of their famous toffee, truly a labor of love for this pair of a kind. It all started with Traditional Toffee (reminiscent of childhood memories) from their great great grandmothers secret rich buttery recipe passed down from generation to generation.

Being toffee maker extraordinaire’s they make handmade artisan, preservative & gluten free toffee in small batches with tender lovin’ care. Of course using only the best all natural ingredients from pure cane sugar, french sea salt, local Arizonian creamery butter and Belgium chocolate. We could definitely taste the love! Not only is this sweet shop charming and their toffee & peanut brittle to die for, the GoodyTwos gals are just as sweet & warm as the toffee & delicious confections they make fresh daily. Their beautiful smiles are infectious! Did we mention that they sampled over 16,000 lbs of toffee last year to maintain quality control and not compromise on the goodness. Now that’s dedication!

So, what makes this toffee twosome’s candy confections so sinfully sweet, delicious and amazing? The toffee is doubly inspired and doubly delicious with 10 mouthwatering flavors that joyfully blend the nostalgia of traditional and cozy (Donna) with a corky nutty twist (Stacy) of fun. Each batch is steeped in family tradition (great grandma’s secret recipe) w/ a twist on the sugary wild side. You can try their traditional toffee or have your taste buds go on a sweet adventure. Case in point their Nutty Twist made with tequila & lime or their Salty and Sweet which are some of our favorites. Remember “A balanced diet is a piece of toffee in both hands”. So don’t forget to visit the GoodyTwo’s gals at their sweet shop or at local farmers markets to sample a nibble or two . If you don’t live in our neck of the woods you can always shop online.